Surfing on the web the other day, I found out that it is even now possible to get a delivery of flowers on a periodical basis. Believe it or not, I was amazed. I already knew that it was possible to subscribe to various online store to get cosmetics, food, books, clothes, etc. And there I was, seeing that it was also possible to get flowers every three or four months. The subscription model gets to every business and if it does so, it means that there is a demand from clients. It means that this is the new way to buy. It means that it works.


Yes, it works. It works because we got tired of being only numbers and consumers. We realized that we wanted to be listened to, we wanted our opinions, needs and critiques to be taken into account. Consequently, it seems that businesses have heard it and reacted to it. The subscription economy was born.


The subscription economy is a glamorous term coined by the CEO of Zuora, a company that focuses on how to apply to subscription economy in a business model. The notion seems very serious, and what it means is this : the customers want personalization in their purchases, they want to feel connected with the companies, they desire a real-time contact and a true relationship on a long-term basis to be able to get answers to their problems and demands. That’s it and that’s true.  


As a consumer myself, I obviously notice how picky I am now when I enter a store or surf on the web to find a specific product. I don’t want my visit to be purely money-oriented, I also want to feel considered and understood. Like many other customers, I don’t want to feel like my visit is not even noticed, I want to discuss my problem or the reason why I am there with someone who will be able to get me and advise. This is a general behavior, common to many, to which businesses are now used.


Agreeing to be part of the subscription economy means to accept that the company will know you, and probably better than you think. You all know that now and it’s for the better : they know what you need, and they give it to you directly where you want them to deliver it : at home, at work, etc.


What is in it for clients, though? Because, indeed, you have all understood by now that it is an advantage for companies to work through subscription models. Nowadays, building a loyal communities of customers with which the companies are close to is an essential part of any business. What about the clients, then ?


Subscribing to a webshop offer is easier for the client. You pay once, for a monthly/quaterly/...periodical delivery of a certain product. You don’t need to remember that you are about to be out of this product and thus need to buy it again. No, the business does that for you. You do not even have to thrive in stores, at the end of the day, after work, to find your product. It is going to be delivered directly where you decide. Furthermore, many webshops - and it is Raz*War’s case - suggests different models of subscriptions so that you will have the perfect option that suits you.


And then, let’s be honest : is there a better way to discover a new company and its products than to be able to connect with them and exchange opinions and remarks directly, in real time even though it is through your computer screen or your mobile screen ? Because, indeed, this is the promise and the must-do that every company has to respect : being present and available for the customers. You don’t talk to the cashier who is just a umpteenth intermediary between the company itself and you. No. You are able to talk directly with a person from the company, who is even probably right now in the offices, maybe in front of the CEO, while reading your message and responding to it. I mean, that is what happens when we answer to Raz*War’s customers, at least.


Raz*war was the first belgian company to offer shaving products based a subscription system and that would be available for a fair price and with the will to disrupt the pretentious big companies that have no shame in releasing new products rendering the previous ones obsolete and thus forcing their customers to turn to the new products.


By being present on the internet, Raz*War wants to be this vintage company offering products with a certain style but being fully modern - as it uses the Internet to be close to its clients. Its multi-channels presence helps it to answer to the preoccupations of the clients and to know more about what they need and what they want. And that is all that is asked from companies : adaptability, flexibility and real-time contact. Isn’t it ?

So, subscribing to a Raz*War model implies getting the insurance that you will enter the Raz*War community, this includes the people who work at Raz*War. It is time that bridges be broken and connection between customers and companies be reestablished. Don’t you think ? I thought so. So, what are you waiting ? Join now.