Many think that the razor is sufficient to benefit from a shaving experience. However, an efficient and pleasant shaving requires also other accessories.


The shaving brush represents in this sense a tool that is often forgotten but that remains quite important. Our CEO, Pierre de Nayer, talks about it:


We use the shaving brush for various reasons. First, it allows the generation of a foam sufficiently wet and this will help the softening of the facial hairs. The foam must not be too thick, otherwise it won’t lead to an optimal lubrication. Then, the brush will help you to place the foam on your skin. Thirdly, when you use it well, the brush helps the hairs to straighten up and this makes it easier to cut the hair. Finally, the brush leads to a better exfoliation of the skin, thus helping the skin to be soft, sane and smooth.



There are various kinds of brushes. The entry-level model is the basic shaving brush, often made from wild boar’s hair. These hair are thicker, more rough and do not retain water.


Then you can also find the shaving brushes made from synthetic fibers, like, for instance, nylon. You can also find brushes that made a mix between both types of hair quality : fiber and wild boar’s hairs.

Last but not least, some producer have invented brushes made from natural and vegetal fiber. The purpose here is to offer fiber that do not come from animals. These brushes are known to be “vegan”.

Well,we must also talk about the shaving brush that has been produced from badger’s hairs. This is the top of the top quality. Here, the hair retains the water. Among all animals and their hairs, this is the option that is the most efficient and that retains the water best.  


All in all, we can distinguish three levels of quality : pure badger, best badger and silvertip badger. Some prefer to rank the shaving brushes in four categories: they make a distinction between super badger and silvertip badger. Some makers are very known in the world of shaving and razors, like the brand Plisson, and these guys also offer the Extra Silvertip Badger that goes far beyond the other categories as far as the quality is concerned. This is a luxury model that can be bought from 1000€.



 Are we done yet ? No, not really. To make sure that the brush gets dry, we need a holder. You can find many different types of brush holders everywhere. At Raz*War, we offer two types of brushes : the Black Fiber and the Silvertip. And we have also thought about holders, and they are available in two colors. Check it out and let us know how was your shaving experience now that you are using a shaving brush !