Shaving Tip #8: Shave with the grain first

Friday, July 18, 2014 2:32:06 PM Europe/Paris

A common mistake concerning the majority of shavers is that they tend to shave against the grain, especially on the neck area. Shaving against the grain increases the risk of ingrown hair and razor bumps. In order to know your grain direction, just feel it with you hand or analyze your face in a mirror. Shaving with the grain gives you a smooth sensation, with a specific “smooth” sense. If you pass against the grain, you will have a different feeling. You will, even, feel the "Tug and Pull" effect on your hairs.

When you master shaving with the grain, you can then shave across the grain and against the grain (in a second and third pass).

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Shaving Tip #10: Apply a shaving balm

Wednesday, July 9, 2014 3:25:00 PM Europe/Paris

A good shave will alter your skin in three different manners: 

(1) since you cleaned your face, you removed the grease produced by your sebaceous glands, 

(2) the shave operation itself has a desquamation/peeling effect, and 

(3) the shaving soap and/or shaving cream has a skin desiccation effect. On top of that, you might also have micro-healing effects. Finally, the Ph (acidity) of your face skin needs to be restored after shaving. Hence, you need a quality shaving balm to re-moisturize and re-equilibrate your skin.

Avoid all products containing alcohols.

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Shaving accessories on Raz*

Friday, April 11, 2014 2:08:13 PM Europe/Paris

At least shaving accessories on Raz* !


Many of you have asked it for years: some shaving accessories to help getting to the next stage towards the perfect shave.


Hence, Raz*War is very proud to present this first selection : 


Our portable shaving mirror will allow you to easily spot the “yet-to-shave” place on your face (also avoid mist on mirror)


Our shaving brush holder will allow you to keep your brush dry (Placing the shave brush upside down avoid deterioration of the shave bush “knot” and avoid proliferation of bacteria)


Our stand for razors and brush  will allow to easy arrangement of razor and shaving brush, allow them to be kept dry and clean


Our Shaving Towels are towels especially made for shaving (Tapping your face instead of rubbing it after your shave, before application of shaving balm)



Please have a look on our website to make your own opinion… And allow you to be tempted….


Have a nice shave!

Pierre De Nayer

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