Father’s day, a day for dad’s well-being


Sunday June 10, we celebrate daddies!


Looking for a gift idea for father’s day, but no time to shop? No problem, at Raz*War, we think well-being and efficiency. That's why we offer a home delivery service. And yes, we understand you, there's nothing more boring than spending your days at the supermarket.


With Raz*War, the most attractive father he will be


Do you know what kind of daddy you have or which kind of daddy you are ?


Could it match with our :


 - "Super senior daddy"


With daddy Super Senior, we have a real return to the roots ! The old-fashioned shaving with, notably, our razor el cid, its blades, our shaving brush and, without forgetting, our famous shaving bowl. 


 "Trendy daddy"


A dad who likes to pamper himself and take care of himself with high quality products such as our essential El Fidel Neo razor, our hypoallergenic soap and our new shaving soap Atomic Kim.


-  "The traveler "


He is often on the road, he loves to see the world, discover new paths and cultures and thus needs a kit that he can bring easily everywhere. We know the feeling and we have made it possible for him ! That's why we recommend our special daddy travel kit including an El Cid razor, and a travel Brush inside a leather kit.


To be in a good mood…


With the purchase of one of the 3 kits proposed above, receive as a gift a Luxury shaving cream.


Whether he is a "super senior", "trendy" or "traveler", don't hesitate to ask your dad to subscribe to our year-round subscription system. He will thus be able to benefit from all the care and well-being necessary during one year to ensure with perfection his role of father.