Consjos de afeitado #4: Expulsa botes de espuma y gel de tu baño

Friday, July 18, 2014 12:07:29 PM Europe/Paris

Una cosa está clara y hasta las compañías industriales lo admiten (con la boca pequeña): Los botes de espuma de afeitar y de gel son malos productos que deben ser eliminados de tu baño; por qué? No son buenos para la piel y… resecan el pelo.

Primero de todo, las burbujas de los botes de espuma y/o gel no se hacen con aire natural, sino con el propulsor de los botes: en muchos casos es isobuteno. Por lo tanto, estás aplicando derivados del petróleo en tu cara!

A continuación, los botes de espuma y gel, debido a su estructura química, absorven el agual (molécula de naturaleza hidrofílica). Como bien sabes de nuestro “Consejo de Afeitado” Nº 1, el agua es fundamental en un afeitado de calidad...

Además, los botes de espuma y gel no son ecológicos!

Para más información en profundidad lee nuestro artículo en el blog.

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Existen varios tipos de cremas de afeitado: No-Espumantes, semi-espumantes y espumantes. Deberías preferir las cremas espumantes: las que no hacen espuma suavizan la piel pero son irritantes; por otro lado, las espumantes permiten la creación de una espuma suave y cremosa, con la ayuda del agua, que es necesaria para un buen afeitado.

También puedes utilizar un jabón de afeitado; en este caso, escoge un jabón que no tenga demasiados aditivos químicos y con un PH adecuado (6-7, no demasiado ácido). Aumenta la calidad de la espuma con la utilización del aceite adecuado (aceites de ácido palmítico son un buen ejemplo). El jabón que escojas debería tener un humectante (sorbitol o glicerina) para evitar la sequedad de la piel.

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Consjos de afeitado #6: Aplica la espuma con una brocha de afeitar

Friday, July 18, 2014 11:56:06 AM Europe/Paris

Una brocha es necesaria para (1) obtener la espuma de un jabón o una crema y (2) para aplicarla en tu cara.Una buena espuma se obtendrá de una buena brocha de afeitar.

La aplicación de la espuma con una brocha prepara tu piel (masajeándola), permite que el agua llegue a cualquier pelo (el agua pasa entre las burbujas de jabón) y ayudará a que éstos se levanten, mejorando el uso de la maquinilla.

Hay varios tipos de brocha, dependiendo del tamaño, el peso, los tipos de fibras y la calidad. Si estás empezando en esto del afeitado tradicional, comienza a utilizar una de calidad media, como nuestra fibra de brochas sintéticas “Black Fiber”; No es necesario que vayas a por una brocha de tejón carísima.

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Shaving Tip #10: Apply a shaving balm

Wednesday, July 9, 2014 3:25:00 PM Europe/Paris

A good shave will alter your skin in three different manners: 

(1) since you cleaned your face, you removed the grease produced by your sebaceous glands, 

(2) the shave operation itself has a desquamation/peeling effect, and 

(3) the shaving soap and/or shaving cream has a skin desiccation effect. On top of that, you might also have micro-healing effects. Finally, the Ph (acidity) of your face skin needs to be restored after shaving. Hence, you need a quality shaving balm to re-moisturize and re-equilibrate your skin.

Avoid all products containing alcohols.

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Napoleon was deathly afraid of a razor...

Monday, July 7, 2014 10:35:48 AM Europe/Paris

When searching the web about shaving and razor (I am preparing some interresting content on the subject ), I found out this interresting old advertisement about Gillette:

(You will find much more on: Really amaizing!).

Napoleon, of course, never saw the safety razor as he died much before the famous invention of King Camp Gillette (And before the previous attempt to make a safety razors).  But I like the fact that the brand was claiming that the giants of this world are using Gillette! Well done, dear competitor...

I am just wondering if we can do the same with Raz*War. It would be good to find some key leaders endorsing the brand and supporting our fight for "quality shaving and fair prices".  For the moment, already tree local belgian leaders (walloon part of the country) are aware about the brand: Jean Michel Javaux, leader of the ecologist party (Ecolo), apparently endorsed the brand. Michel Daerden, the famous belgian politician, is well aware and might support it. And Jean Claude Marcourt is well aware too...(He helped the brand). 

That's is clearly not enough. I want Bart De Wever and Elio Di Rupo, to quote famous belgians, to use Raz*War. And we need also some leaders (local and national) from France, UK, Spain and Italy.... I have a (Indirect) connection with Barak Obama on Linkedin. Maybe could I dream about having him trying Raz*War (the razors, the oil, the shaving cream: really highly qualitative products...)?  "Yes we can!" he said... And Raz*War? Could the brand also say "Yes, we can!"?.

But, you can already help, dear reader, as your are maybe in contact with some local leaders. It would be good to inform them about the brand, why we created it, its strenghts... Wait and See. (I am more thinking about local belgian leaders, of course: politicians who could quote Raz*War as an example of entrepreneurship in Belgium for example...)

In the meantime, do not forget to continue to visit the store: http://www.razwar.comAnd keep on shaving....


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Surprise promotions for Raz*War facebook friends - become a friend

Wednesday, June 11, 2014 10:41:55 AM Europe/Paris

At Raz*War We also like social media like facebook and Twitter. Become friends and we will have some nice surprises and benefits for you in the coming weeks and months!

Be also the first to know. We put our promotions on facebook first. So if you want to take advantage of it, or share them with your friends, you'll be the first to know when you're a facebook friend or fan.

visit our facebook page here

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Father's day "wet shaving gift box" is most popular gift

Friday, June 6, 2014 10:41:30 AM Europe/Paris

Every Year fathers around the world are celebrated and receive a gift from their children or wife. One of the most appreciated gifts is the wet shaving box. Everything for a great shave is included and this way fathers can take care of themselves.

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Shaving accessories on Raz*

Friday, April 11, 2014 2:08:13 PM Europe/Paris

At least shaving accessories on Raz* !


Many of you have asked it for years: some shaving accessories to help getting to the next stage towards the perfect shave.


Hence, Raz*War is very proud to present this first selection : 


Our portable shaving mirror will allow you to easily spot the “yet-to-shave” place on your face (also avoid mist on mirror)


Our shaving brush holder will allow you to keep your brush dry (Placing the shave brush upside down avoid deterioration of the shave bush “knot” and avoid proliferation of bacteria)


Our stand for razors and brush  will allow to easy arrangement of razor and shaving brush, allow them to be kept dry and clean


Our Shaving Towels are towels especially made for shaving (Tapping your face instead of rubbing it after your shave, before application of shaving balm)



Please have a look on our website to make your own opinion… And allow you to be tempted….


Have a nice shave!

Pierre De Nayer

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Ban canned shaving foams and gels from your bathroom

Monday, February 24, 2014 11:59:40 AM Europe/Paris

As you know, Raz*War proposes you to “Shave differently”. And among the numerous Raz*War fights - David against Goliath - there is the fight against Canned Gels & Foams…  

Why this? Are canned gels & foams, which appeared in the post war years, a sign of the rise of the modern man?  Is it a sign of civilizations progressing? Well, they may have been symbols of manhood in the past, but…

Try the RazWar soap

Some “sharpologists” (i.e. specializing in everything that cuts whiskers properly) and/or wet shaving enthusiast (such as “Rajagra” on this blog for example: wonder why these products have had such a big success.

Here is the truth. The key ingredient – water – is lacking when using a canned foam or gel. The ingredients contained in canned foams and gels “absorb” the water on your face which is the opposite shaving foam should do. So, there is a problem somewhere: and guess what, even BigRazCo agrees with this statement (not publically of course).

Canned gels and foams should be banned from your bathroom.

I am saying it regularly. Let me now summarize for you why you should disregard these products: 

  • * They are polluting: cans are made of metal (a mixture of aluminum and steel). The button of the can is made of plastic. Once thrown away, they are recyclable but practically, they are not recycled and they are difficult to destroy…
  • * They contribute to greenhouse effect: propellants made of CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) are now forbidden, since it has been proven that they destroy the ozone layer. Propellants of canned foams & gels are very often made of hydrocarbons, most likely butane and propane. Hydrocarbons are typical gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect.
  • * They are expensive: compared to, even, an expensive soap, canned gels and foams are very expensive. You can make up to 150 shaves with a standard soap. Just imagine doing the same with a canned foam or gel…
  • * Foam bubbles are made of petroleum derivatives:  bubbles obtained while creating your own lather (using soap or shaving cream and a brush) are made…of air. Just think about what the bubbles from your canned foam and/or gels are made of….butane and propane of course.
  • * They contain a lot of other derivatives: canned foams and gels contain a lot of other chemical derivatives, with various functions (adsorbent, solvent, aspect, conservation, stability…) although these products have been heavily tested (to a certain extent…), it is just not recommended to put these products on your skin….
  • * They lack water: the most important ingredient in “wet shaving” is… water of course. In a lather produced by yourself (ie. soap or cream), you have a lot of water between the air bubbles. In contrary, due to its chemical function, a standard soap you use to clean your hands with for example desiccates the hair (…and the skin) just like what canned gels and foams do.

All shaving experts and gurus will agree with me: canned foams and gels are now old-fashioned. They represent the golden sixties. Now, it is time to go back to even older products: the shaving creams & soaps using with a shaving brush. This is the “new” modern way to shave: eco-friendly, while taking care of your skin and body.  And, yes, let me end with this: shaving with a brush and soap is sexy.  Is that going too far? I believe not. I will tell you why in my next blog post.

If you haven't seen our Shaving Tips in video format you should check them out on our YouTube channel or on our website. Tell us what you think :-)

Keep on S(h)aving!

Pierre De Nayer

Founder of Raz*War

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Raz*War is now available in Russia on

Friday, February 21, 2014 11:34:12 AM Europe/Paris

This week a new russian website was launched:, making the Raz*War products available in Russia. With this new website, we RazWar expands the revolution to another important country.

Spread the word to your russian comrades, to try the RazWar products and enjoy the pleasure and comfort of wet shaving

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