Pick the right Shaving Brush

Thursday, April 9, 2015 8:21:07 AM Europe/Paris

There is so much to say that it would be possible to write twenty pages on the issue of chosing a shaving brush ... let's go with the simplest things for a start.

Raz*War has been encouraging to "shave differently" for a long time. We have pushed to abandon conventional gels and shaving foams. Their lone argument is expensive yet aggressive TV ads. Any advertising budget won't turn a bad product into a great experience.

Why? Because they contain a series of components that are harmful for the skin (as we consider for example the fact that the bubbles of your shaving cream is made gas propelling the bomb: isobutane) and because these products lack the essential ingredient for a quality shave: water! Plenty of water!

Badgers are mostly boars

To use a soap or shaving cream, you will need the ultimate tool to apply the shaving soap: a shaving brush, also called, inappropriately, a "badger" (they're mostly boars).

This shaving brush will allow you to produce an ideal cream from a shaving soap. Its action will bring heat and moisture that will contribute to the softening of the beard hair. Shaving brush helps applying the created foam and will allow recovery of the bristles, preventing any cut.

Raz*War knows Shaving Brush

There are hundreds of different types of shaving brushes

They differ by (1) the shape of the brush, (2) the fibers composition, (3) the size of the brush, (4) the size of what is called the "node" (to the base brush) and (5) the size of the handle. (1) The form: there are two possible forms Badger: (1) the fan shape ("Fan Type") and (2) the shape bulb ("Bulb Type").

However, shaving brushes have two specific shapes. There is no real evidence to ensure that one brush is better than another: the choice is mainly about aesthetic. At Raz*War, we prefer brushes shaped bulbs. (2) The composition: the criterion of fiber composition is essential. The fibers can be either natural or synthetic. Synthetic fibers are becoming more successful, as I will explain below.

Three types of hairs are used: boar hair, badger hair and, recently, there has been a return of horse hair. The boar bristle brushes, harder ("rough") are ideal for the production of foam from a soap (fiber "rubbing" on the soap) and also contribute to a facial, awakening and stimulating the skin under the hair. It is however difficult to get a good foam (requires some practice). The brush can "contain" little foam and carry less heat.

The badger hair brushes are the most popular. Badger hair is a natural hair that allows maximum water retention. It allows easy production of easy transportation and a foam quality of it (facial shaving bowl) .The foam created will be smooth and chaude.Il are three qualities: (1) the quality " pure ", (2) the" Best Fine Gold "quality and (3) the so-called quality" Silvertip "(" silver tips ") that correspond to areas of the skin where hair come (belly or back, for example) .Some manufacturers still distinguish four sub-levels in quality "Silvertip" but it may be going too far (there are badgers € 1,500!). There is a big difference between the first two quality levels (between "pure" and "Best" or "Fine"), but the difference is not so marked between the two levels.

Synthetic bristle brushes substantially progressing market. And for good reason: they imitate to perfection the natural hair without the inconveniences. For example, many consumers are sensitive (especially in the US) is that for badger hair, it will kill the animal (though too plentiful in China) .A major drawback is the fact that natural fibers degrade (though I know a person who uses the same shaving brush for twenty years) .or they will degrade faster if shaving oil is used (which will deposit on the hair ... as it is deposited on the hair of face). At Raz * War, we love and proselytizing for this shaving oil, then we will prefer synthetic fibers.

The two shaving brushes we offer (on the top of the Travel Mühle) are high quality synthetic fibers. We chose brushes 45 mm in height and with a "node" (see above) 24 mm diameters (above average: allows for many fibers). The handle is easy to use. Two excellent shaving brushes, very aesthetic, that will delight the amateur and expert avisé.Comment bels choose between these two objects? 

If you want more information about Synthetic Brushes, you can check the Sharpologist blog to find great articles about it.

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Guess who's back?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015 5:11:47 PM Europe/Paris

El Cid is back for real



Traditional shaving is back at Raz*War. Our flagship El Cid is back in store and we're happy to announce that our boxes are now available again.

Our founder is so proud of El Cid, that he'll have me give away an additional soap for anybody ordering this razor.


Stephan, CEO at Raz*War

RazWar El Cid Double Edged Razor


Founder’s words about the razor El Cid :

"What a beautiful object! Like me, you'll ensure that it remains exposed on your shelf. On my side, I use with this razor for weekends shaving only. When things are cooling down, you can then enjoy the shaving experience. It took a while to get those razors in our portfolio, but now we're real proud. "
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The perfect gift for man: our shaving box

Wednesday, March 18, 2015 12:38:22 PM Europe/Paris

Get your man a gift: Traditional Shaving

For most men, shaving is a relaxing moment. However, those who use big retailers' products can have a hard time...

You will find great advices on this blog. We will help you avoid shaving bumps, irritated skins and cuts. Our brushes will help remove the pain out of the shaving strokes.

The prestigious Raz*War boxes are perfect presents to give pleasure to people around you:

* The « Starter » boxes contain a razor handle, a box of blades and a Raz*War travel bag.

* The « Discovery » boxes have the same contents as the « Starter » boxes plus : a shaving soap, a Raz*War shaving bowl and a black fiber synthetic brush called « Black Fiber ».

* The « Expert » boxes contain all the products of the « Discovery » boxes plus an all natural shaving oil.

* The « Luxury » boxes contain all the products of the « Starter » boxes plus : an all natural shaving cream, a Raz*War shaving bowl, a natural after shave balm and a fiber synthetic brush called « Silvertip » for its high quality.

Ban canned shaving foams and gels from your bathroom

Why this? Are canned gels & foams, which appeared in the post war years, a sign of the rise of the modern man? Is it a sign of civilizations progressing? Well, they may have been symbols of manhood in the past, but some “sharpologists” (i.e. specializing in everything that cuts whiskers properly) and/or wet shaving enthusiasts wonder why these products have had such a big success.

Here is the truth. The key ingredient – water – is lacking when using a canned foam or gel. The ingredients contained in canned foams and gels “absorb” the water on your face which is the opposite shaving foam should do. So, there is a problem somewhere: and guess what, even BigRazCo agrees with this statement (not publically of course)..

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The Choice is Yours

Friday, March 13, 2015 6:06:43 PM Europe/Paris

The Choice is Yours

The blades choice is yours

The El Che blades (3 blades) is a fair price option. This razor allows a good control around your face, and you can even use it to shave the whole head.

The El Fidel blades (5 blades) is the premium option for a comfortable shave. Its control gives a great post-shaving sensation and allows a good shaving pace. The pivotal head makes it incredibly easy with only one stroke.

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Shaving Tip #1: Prefer shaving after the shower

Friday, July 18, 2014 3:22:53 PM Europe/Paris

Wet shaving, as you could imagine, requires water - a lot of water. Hence, to obtain a very high quality shave, you need to bring a lot of water in the process. Putting water on your face will reduce the hair strength and its resistance to cut. Chemically, what happens is that a molecular force (such as "hydrogen bonds" and "disulfide bridges") that link together Keratin fibers is weakened by water, making the shave much easier. 

However, for allowing water to impact hair solidity, water must be in contact with the hair for a certain time. In a few seconds, a lot already happens, but forces in the hair are best weakened after several minutes. Hence, shaving under the shower is particularly efficacious. And if you shave immediately after the shower, you can also count on the same benefits.

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Shaving Tip #8: Shave with the grain first

Friday, July 18, 2014 2:32:06 PM Europe/Paris

A common mistake concerning the majority of shavers is that they tend to shave against the grain, especially on the neck area. Shaving against the grain increases the risk of ingrown hair and razor bumps. In order to know your grain direction, just feel it with you hand or analyze your face in a mirror. Shaving with the grain gives you a smooth sensation, with a specific “smooth” sense. If you pass against the grain, you will have a different feeling. You will, even, feel the "Tug and Pull" effect on your hairs.

When you master shaving with the grain, you can then shave across the grain and against the grain (in a second and third pass).

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Shaving Tip #10: Apply a shaving balm

Wednesday, July 9, 2014 3:25:00 PM Europe/Paris

A good shave will alter your skin in three different manners: 

(1) since you cleaned your face, you removed the grease produced by your sebaceous glands, 

(2) the shave operation itself has a desquamation/peeling effect, and 

(3) the shaving soap and/or shaving cream has a skin desiccation effect. On top of that, you might also have micro-healing effects. Finally, the Ph (acidity) of your face skin needs to be restored after shaving. Hence, you need a quality shaving balm to re-moisturize and re-equilibrate your skin.

Avoid all products containing alcohols.

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Napoleon was deathly afraid of a razor...

Monday, July 7, 2014 10:35:48 AM Europe/Paris

When searching the web about shaving and razor (I am preparing some interresting content on the subject ), I found out this interresting old advertisement about Gillette:

(You will find much more on: http://razorland55.free.fr/pub_g1.htm. Really amaizing!).

Napoleon, of course, never saw the safety razor as he died much before the famous invention of King Camp Gillette (And before the previous attempt to make a safety razors).  But I like the fact that the brand was claiming that the giants of this world are using Gillette! Well done, dear competitor...

I am just wondering if we can do the same with Raz*War. It would be good to find some key leaders endorsing the brand and supporting our fight for "quality shaving and fair prices".  For the moment, already tree local belgian leaders (walloon part of the country) are aware about the brand: Jean Michel Javaux, leader of the ecologist party (Ecolo), apparently endorsed the brand. Michel Daerden, the famous belgian politician, is well aware and might support it. And Jean Claude Marcourt is well aware too...(He helped the brand). 

That's is clearly not enough. I want Bart De Wever and Elio Di Rupo, to quote famous belgians, to use Raz*War. And we need also some leaders (local and national) from France, UK, Spain and Italy.... I have a (Indirect) connection with Barak Obama on Linkedin. Maybe could I dream about having him trying Raz*War (the razors, the oil, the shaving cream: really highly qualitative products...)?  "Yes we can!" he said... And Raz*War? Could the brand also say "Yes, we can!"?.

But, you can already help, dear reader, as your are maybe in contact with some local leaders. It would be good to inform them about the brand, why we created it, its strenghts... Wait and See. (I am more thinking about local belgian leaders, of course: politicians who could quote Raz*War as an example of entrepreneurship in Belgium for example...)

In the meantime, do not forget to continue to visit the store: http://www.razwar.comAnd keep on shaving....


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Surprise promotions for Raz*War facebook friends - become a friend

Wednesday, June 11, 2014 10:41:55 AM Europe/Paris

At Raz*War We also like social media like facebook and Twitter. Become friends and we will have some nice surprises and benefits for you in the coming weeks and months!

Be also the first to know. We put our promotions on facebook first. So if you want to take advantage of it, or share them with your friends, you'll be the first to know when you're a facebook friend or fan.

visit our facebook page here

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Father's day "wet shaving gift box" is most popular gift

Friday, June 6, 2014 10:41:30 AM Europe/Paris

Every Year fathers around the world are celebrated and receive a gift from their children or wife. One of the most appreciated gifts is the wet shaving box. Everything for a great shave is included and this way fathers can take care of themselves.

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Raz*War customer makes fun video

Monday, May 5, 2014 9:04:16 AM Europe/Paris

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Shaving accessories on Raz*War.com

Friday, April 11, 2014 2:08:13 PM Europe/Paris

At least shaving accessories on Raz*War.com !


Many of you have asked it for years: some shaving accessories to help getting to the next stage towards the perfect shave.


Hence, Raz*War is very proud to present this first selection : 


Our portable shaving mirror will allow you to easily spot the “yet-to-shave” place on your face (also avoid mist on mirror)


Our shaving brush holder will allow you to keep your brush dry (Placing the shave brush upside down avoid deterioration of the shave bush “knot” and avoid proliferation of bacteria)


Our stand for razors and brush  will allow to easy arrangement of razor and shaving brush, allow them to be kept dry and clean


Our Shaving Towels are towels especially made for shaving (Tapping your face instead of rubbing it after your shave, before application of shaving balm)



Please have a look on our website to make your own opinion… And allow you to be tempted….


Have a nice shave!

Pierre De Nayer

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New Raz*War russian facebook page

Thursday, February 27, 2014 9:52:33 AM Europe/Paris

Raz*War is proud to announce its russian facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/razwarrussia

To stay tuned in Russia, have a look there. Otherwise check out our other razwar facebook page here

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Ban canned shaving foams and gels from your bathroom

Monday, February 24, 2014 11:59:40 AM Europe/Paris

As you know, Raz*War proposes you to “Shave differently”. And among the numerous Raz*War fights - David against Goliath - there is the fight against Canned Gels & Foams…  

Why this? Are canned gels & foams, which appeared in the post war years, a sign of the rise of the modern man?  Is it a sign of civilizations progressing? Well, they may have been symbols of manhood in the past, but…

Try the RazWar soap

Some “sharpologists” (i.e. specializing in everything that cuts whiskers properly) and/or wet shaving enthusiast (such as “Rajagra” on this blog for example: http://straightrazorplace.com/beginners/37128-canned-shaving-cream-anyone.html) wonder why these products have had such a big success.

Here is the truth. The key ingredient – water – is lacking when using a canned foam or gel. The ingredients contained in canned foams and gels “absorb” the water on your face which is the opposite shaving foam should do. So, there is a problem somewhere: and guess what, even BigRazCo agrees with this statement (not publically of course).

Canned gels and foams should be banned from your bathroom.

I am saying it regularly. Let me now summarize for you why you should disregard these products: 

  • * They are polluting: cans are made of metal (a mixture of aluminum and steel). The button of the can is made of plastic. Once thrown away, they are recyclable but practically, they are not recycled and they are difficult to destroy…
  • * They contribute to greenhouse effect: propellants made of CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) are now forbidden, since it has been proven that they destroy the ozone layer. Propellants of canned foams & gels are very often made of hydrocarbons, most likely butane and propane. Hydrocarbons are typical gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect.
  • * They are expensive: compared to, even, an expensive soap, canned gels and foams are very expensive. You can make up to 150 shaves with a standard soap. Just imagine doing the same with a canned foam or gel…
  • * Foam bubbles are made of petroleum derivatives:  bubbles obtained while creating your own lather (using soap or shaving cream and a brush) are made…of air. Just think about what the bubbles from your canned foam and/or gels are made of….butane and propane of course.
  • * They contain a lot of other derivatives: canned foams and gels contain a lot of other chemical derivatives, with various functions (adsorbent, solvent, aspect, conservation, stability…) although these products have been heavily tested (to a certain extent…), it is just not recommended to put these products on your skin….
  • * They lack water: the most important ingredient in “wet shaving” is… water of course. In a lather produced by yourself (ie. soap or cream), you have a lot of water between the air bubbles. In contrary, due to its chemical function, a standard soap you use to clean your hands with for example desiccates the hair (…and the skin) just like what canned gels and foams do.

All shaving experts and gurus will agree with me: canned foams and gels are now old-fashioned. They represent the golden sixties. Now, it is time to go back to even older products: the shaving creams & soaps using with a shaving brush. This is the “new” modern way to shave: eco-friendly, while taking care of your skin and body.  And, yes, let me end with this: shaving with a brush and soap is sexy.  Is that going too far? I believe not. I will tell you why in my next blog post.

If you haven't seen our Shaving Tips in video format you should check them out on our YouTube channel or on our website. Tell us what you think :-)

Keep on S(h)aving!

Pierre De Nayer

Founder of Raz*War

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Raz*War is now available in Russia on RazWar.ru

Friday, February 21, 2014 11:34:12 AM Europe/Paris

This week a new russian website was launched: RazWar.ru, making the Raz*War products available in Russia. With this new website, we RazWar expands the revolution to another important country.

Spread the word to your russian comrades, to try the RazWar products and enjoy the pleasure and comfort of wet shaving

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Yes, Raz*War is Sexy!

Saturday, February 1, 2014 4:40:41 PM Europe/Paris

How come a wet shaving brand could be considered as sexy? Look around you.  Yes, indeed, Gillette has long played on the mantra according to which a good shave increase the chances of seduction, and the play on performance could let us think that a better performance in shaving good leads in better performance in bed.  Just take a blue pill and here you are!  “Size does matter” seem to claim the BigRazCo brands. How subtle they are…

Now look at the other brands. They are so many. They nearly all play on the past, on the golden times when high class men had the time to enjoy shaving, or on vintage Shaving.  They claim they are there for years or for decades. They play on “tradition” and “authenticity”.  Hence, for example, a lot of such shaving brands use even the word “Old” in their branding. They feature the product in an old fashioned context. Some brands, although well reputed, event did nothing to rejuvenate. For sure: wetshaving brands, masters and guru’s are not sexy. They are even not sexy at all.

How pity this is, because I personally found wetshaving sexy.  Firstly, your wife, mistress or companion will notice immediately that “something changed” the very first day of your complete switch to “wetshaving-by-the-rule-of-art”. Indeed, you will obtain a “baby-butt shave” that will make your skin so soft that they all will want to touch you again and again. And, when going back home, your “significant other” will not say to you “Hey, you are spiky!”, a sentence that could mean “I don’t like you like that”.

Secondly, the wetshaving ritual is sexy. You need to take care of your face with soft substances, agreeable to the skin. You massage your face with shaving oil, awakening you, making you more “aware”, “present to yourself”. The lather producing process is fun, really not boring. When putting lather on your face, you, again, massage your face. Wetshaving is about sensation, about experiencing shave. I foster you to enjoy that « pleasure of shaving ». You might argue that this pleasure is self oriented, and, by consequence, it is far from being “sexy”.  I will answer to you that, by re-discovering all the sensual aspect of shaving, you re-discover your body and your own sensation.

Thirdly, you might even consider a ritual shave with your partner. Hey, I see you becoming red from here!  Honestly, I didn’t try it.  Why not consider lathering you partner, upper…or below?   You might even not go so far and just apply either lather or, balm, or oil on the face of your partner, just as mark of complicity? (That, I tried). You could also consider a sexy shave… Whatever! I don’t want to give you too many ideas: you are aged enough to take the right decisions. It is just that, if you go downward that route, I don’t see you using these old fashioned products I described above. Look& See our products: they are modern wetshaving products, not boring stuff. There is something “sexy” in each of our grooming products… Up to you to decide if you use them or not, and with whom you use it.  

But, now, let’s go back to the day-to-day sexiness. Although 2-3 days beards are more and more fashionable, it happens that a carefully shaved face says a lot: A nice face is an invitation to touch you.  It is also a sign that you are taking care of yourself, a reinforcement of your identity. The truth is that a being well groomed – and shaved – participates to your overall sexiness.  Raz*War is sexy, because we wanted to make it a sexy brand, but most overall just simply it helps you being sexy…in a sexy way.

Enjoy the (sexiest) pleasure of shaving!

Pierre De Nayer

Founder of Raz*War

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