No more cuts while shaving !

Friday, April 21, 2017 2:44:56 PM Europe/Paris

Shaving is a common habit, essential but delicate. The razor, no matter of which kind of razor, must be used properly in order not to damage the skin. This requires a certain flexibility of your wrist, especially when using security razor - this particular type of razor is very efficient but so sharp that we suggest that new users be very wise and careful. Shaving regurlarly also requires some knowledge and praticalities. If you apply these advices, your skin might be sufficiently prepared to be shaved by a sharp razor blade. the latter will then produce easily a smooth and soft shaving experience. 


Before we even talk about the shaving tools, it is essential to prepare the one who will receive the shaving : the skin ! Indeed, it is the skin that will be subjected to all the hypothetical clumsiness and other incidents that might occur during the experience of shaving. Many factors come into play in order to take care of the skin : the moment during which the shaving will occur, the tools you use,the products, the way you shave, etc. These topics will be discussed today, so that you will be fully prepared to shave without cutting yourself. 


The best time to shave remains in the morning. Quite evidently, it is the unique opportunity to soften the skin and to clear it from any impurities. The hot water produces the pores' opening and make the hair more flexible. This will make it easier for the blade to shave the hair. Well, now that your skin is clean, it is then interesting to apply a shaving oil, a cream or any other  pre-shaving product. This step will help to eradicate the excess of sebum or blackheads. Rinse that with tepid water to keep the pores open and move on to the next step. 


Now we're talking about the most important moment : the shaving itself. Many think that it is not necessary to use soap, cream, oil or foam. However, it is actually a very good idea to take your time and use one of these products. Moreover, using a brush will help to apply these products uniformly on your skin. Professionals say that the brush helps the skin to relax and helps to cut the hair more precisely. If you decide to take the step and use one of these products, let it produce its effect for a while, 2 or 3 minutes should do it. 


What about the one without whom it would not be possible to experience the shaving ? Yes, the razor ! In this article, we will not bother to talk about the type of razor, the blades or anything else. What is really important is to remind yourself to clean your razor and to change your blades, and of course, to shave following the sense of hair's growth. If you think that shaving in the opposite sense helps, I could agree but it will also produce ingrowing hair, red blotches or even spots. 


Do not forget to rinse your razor regularly while shaving. And now that every zone is cleaned and smooth, soft, you must rinse your face and make the remainders of foam or cream on your cheeks. Cold water would be preferable for this stage. Indeed, hot water helped to open the pores, now it is time to close them up. Use a towel to dry your skin but be gently while drying your skin with it. Your skin is now soft and smooth, right ? It does not mean it is healed and perfect, though. You want an advice ? Use a balm or a cream to soften one last time your cheeks, this is a perfect way to put an end to your shaving. Now your skin is hydrated, protected, and soft. We will not advise you to use perfumed aftershave, these will not help to hydrate your skin, even though - we admit it - the scent is rather agreable. 


Well, we could say it in thousand words, use a magic formula, or wait for a miracle but there's none of that. On the other hand, as we have seen it, some habits will help you to avoid spots, cuts and other unpleasant small injuries that might be caused by the blades ! 

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Guess who's back?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015 5:11:47 PM Europe/Paris

El Cid is back for real



Traditional shaving is back at Raz*War. Our flagship El Cid is back in store and we're happy to announce that our boxes are now available again.

Our founder is so proud of El Cid, that he'll have me give away an additional soap for anybody ordering this razor.


Stephan, CEO at Raz*War

RazWar El Cid Double Edged Razor


Founder’s words about the razor El Cid :

"What a beautiful object! Like me, you'll ensure that it remains exposed on your shelf. On my side, I use with this razor for weekends shaving only. When things are cooling down, you can then enjoy the shaving experience. It took a while to get those razors in our portfolio, but now we're real proud. "
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The perfect gift for man: our shaving box

Wednesday, March 18, 2015 12:38:22 PM Europe/Paris

Get your man a gift: Traditional Shaving

For most men, shaving is a relaxing moment. However, those who use big retailers' products can have a hard time...

You will find great advices on this blog. We will help you avoid shaving bumps, irritated skins and cuts. Our brushes will help remove the pain out of the shaving strokes.

The prestigious Raz*War boxes are perfect presents to give pleasure to people around you:

* The « Starter » boxes contain a razor handle, a box of blades and a Raz*War travel bag.

* The « Discovery » boxes have the same contents as the « Starter » boxes plus : a shaving soap, a Raz*War shaving bowl and a black fiber synthetic brush called « Black Fiber ».

* The « Expert » boxes contain all the products of the « Discovery » boxes plus an all natural shaving oil.

* The « Luxury » boxes contain all the products of the « Starter » boxes plus : an all natural shaving cream, a Raz*War shaving bowl, a natural after shave balm and a fiber synthetic brush called « Silvertip » for its high quality.

Ban canned shaving foams and gels from your bathroom

Why this? Are canned gels & foams, which appeared in the post war years, a sign of the rise of the modern man? Is it a sign of civilizations progressing? Well, they may have been symbols of manhood in the past, but some “sharpologists” (i.e. specializing in everything that cuts whiskers properly) and/or wet shaving enthusiasts wonder why these products have had such a big success.

Here is the truth. The key ingredient – water – is lacking when using a canned foam or gel. The ingredients contained in canned foams and gels “absorb” the water on your face which is the opposite shaving foam should do. So, there is a problem somewhere: and guess what, even BigRazCo agrees with this statement (not publically of course)..

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The Choice is Yours

Friday, March 13, 2015 6:06:43 PM Europe/Paris

The Choice is Yours

The blades choice is yours

The El Che blades (3 blades) is a fair price option. This razor allows a good control around your face, and you can even use it to shave the whole head.

The El Fidel blades (5 blades) is the premium option for a comfortable shave. Its control gives a great post-shaving sensation and allows a good shaving pace. The pivotal head makes it incredibly easy with only one stroke.

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Shaving Tip #8: Shave with the grain first

Friday, July 18, 2014 2:32:06 PM Europe/Paris

A common mistake concerning the majority of shavers is that they tend to shave against the grain, especially on the neck area. Shaving against the grain increases the risk of ingrown hair and razor bumps. In order to know your grain direction, just feel it with you hand or analyze your face in a mirror. Shaving with the grain gives you a smooth sensation, with a specific “smooth” sense. If you pass against the grain, you will have a different feeling. You will, even, feel the "Tug and Pull" effect on your hairs.

When you master shaving with the grain, you can then shave across the grain and against the grain (in a second and third pass).

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