Razors & Blades

  1. El Ché blades

    El Ché blades

    The El Ché blade box contains 5 triple-blades of an exceptional quality lubricated with Aloe Vera. The blades are made in the USA and assembled in Belgium. These Raz*War blades are of the finest quality and they assure you an impeccable shave. Technical Details : •Non-pivoting head •Sharp blades •Aloe Vera strip The blades are designed to fit perfectly with our Raz*War handle El Ché. HAVE YOU CONSIDERED ONE OF OUR SUBSCRIPTION PLANS? INCI: PEG-7M, PEG-115M, Polystyrene, Tocopheryl Acetate, Aloe Barbadensis, Paraf‑ unum Liquidum, CI77891, CI74160, CI77266 Learn More
  2. El Cid blades

    El Cid blades

    # of blades In each dispenser you have 10 DE blades. # of shaves Each blade should last you about 4-6 shaves depending how much hair you shave each time. Note for the beginners: It is highly recommended NOT to use the DE for the scalp. There is a high risk of cuts since not easy to maintain DE blade at its optimal angle being 30 degrees. To use with precaution. Keep out of view from children. Learn More
  3. El Fidel Neo Blades

    El Fidel Neo Blades

    The El Fidel Neo blades will assure you the perfect shave in complete security. They are manufactured in the USA with the use of the latest technology. What we love? 1.Very effective razor 2.Design 3.Maximum shave closeness 4.Very comfortable shave What does the kit include: •one refill of four blades Technical detail •Trimmer blade •5 blades (to more evenly distribute pressure for a more comfortable, less irritating shave) •Vitamin E and Aloe lubricating strip (helps reduce skin irritation) •Thinner Blades with Titanium coating •Welded blades (reduce clogging, allow thinner inter-blades space, allow rinsing) •Enhanced pivoting for hard-to-reach areas Learn More
  4. SPARE PART: El Che Razor Handle

    SPARE PART: El Che Razor Handle


    Made from brushed steel with molded grip handle. Gives a great shaving experience.Excellent handle shape for shaved heads.

    This handle works only with El Ché Blades.

    A revolutionary design exclusive to Raz*War.

    Learn More
  5. SPARE PART: El Fidel Neo razor handle

    SPARE PART: El Fidel Neo razor handle

    Substantially weighted handle of steel and molded rubber makes for a quality shaving experience. A revolutionary design exclusive to Raz*War. This handle only works with El Fidel Neo. Learn More