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  1. Starter box - El Che

    Starter box - El Che


    Why choose the starter box El Che ?

    The start box of the range El Che is composed of a three-bladed razor very efficient. Thanks to the high precision of its cut, the quality of your shave is guaranteed!

    The starter box El Che contains :

    A razor handle El Che
    A boxe of blades with 5 triple blades
    A Raz*War travel bag

    The starter box El Che is appreciated for :

    The precision of its cut
    The more technical aspect of the shave (like finding the right angle)
    The blades are adaptable for Gillette® and Sensor Excel® handle

    The founder’s word about the razor El Che :

    "This razor is my favorite! It's our design, it’s our handle. We have made it for you. We wanted it simple and convenient, humble and effective. And it is especially effective for precision cut (mustaches or goatees : no problem) Cutting Precision, comfortable shave. My advice : if you use the razor El Che, change your blade every week."

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  2. Starter box - El Fidel Néo

    Starter box - El Fidel Néo


    The starter box El Fidel Neo contains :

    A razor handle El Fidel Neo
    1 box of 4 blades El Fidel Neo
    A Raz*War travel bag

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  3. Week-end gift set

    Week-end gift set

    Handy trio of skincare and shaving essentials for smooth skin wherever you are. Perfect for travel, as easy as 1-2-3! Learn More
  4. Save and shave

    Save and shave

    Three 50ml travel sized skincare and shaving products to keep skin smooth and conditioned, in a handy money tin so every gentleman can save whilst he shaves! Learn More
  5. Starter box - El Cid

    Starter box - El Cid


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    Why choose the starter box El Cid ?

    The starter box of the range El Cid includes a razor that allows you to reconnect with “old” shaving. It may remind you of your father or grandfather. The quintessential pleasure of shaving !

    The starter box El Cid contains :

    A double-edged razor handle El Cid
    A box of 10 blades El Cid ("Double Edge")
    An eleventh available immediately blade
    A travel pouch

    The starter box El Cid is appreciated for :

    Its design: it is a beautiful object!
    The "post shave" feeling
    The pleasure of shaving with a razor more technical

    Founder’s word about the razor El Cid :

    "What a beautiful object that razor El Cid! You'll see, if you're like me, you'll ensure that it remains clearly visible on your bathroom shelf, and it is quite possible that you want to show the same . for my part, I shave with this razor on weekends, when there is a little less pressure when you can really enjoy the shaving experience. when shaving is to ... There is a leisure took time to bring this razor in our range, but now we know why we're proud of. "

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  6. Deluxe Travel Shaving Set

    Deluxe Travel Shaving Set


    This high quality leather travel kit is the ultimate classy accessory for the business journeyman.

    This kit comes with a Double-Edge Razor and a travel Brush inside a leather kit. All items are manufactured by Mühle for Raz*War*

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