1. Alum matchsticks

    Alum matchsticks

    20 individual astringent matches for use after shaving to close pores and heal nicks and cuts. Heals nicks and cuts Soothes razor burn Antibacterial and disposable 20 individual matches Learn More
  2. Barber gift set

    Barber gift set

    The perfect gift for true gents who enjoy a classic shave. Complete with retro style enamel mug, professional synthetic bristle shaving brush and our traditional rich lather shave cream, this set gives you a closer, smoother barber shop shave experience in the comfort of your own bathroom. Learn More
  3. Shaving brush holder

    Shaving brush holder


    Our shaving brush holder will allow you to keep your brush dry. Placing the shave brush upside down avoid deterioration of the shave bush “knot” and avoid proliferation of bacteria.


    Has an adhesive sticker on the back so you can attach it to wall or mirror.

    This model will fit all brushes with 21 mm handles. Good quality for a nice price.

    Available in white.

    Learn More
  4. SPARE PART: El Fidel Neo razor handle

    SPARE PART: El Fidel Neo razor handle

    Substantially weighted handle of steel and molded rubber makes for a quality shaving experience. A revolutionary design exclusive to Raz*War. This handle only works with El Fidel Neo. Learn More