1. Week-end gift set

    Week-end gift set

    Regular Price: €12.50

    Special Price €10.60

    Handy trio of skincare and shaving essentials for smooth skin wherever you are. Perfect for travel, as easy as 1-2-3! Learn More
  2. Travel shaving brush

    Travel shaving brush


    Equipped with the best performance characteristics of the “large” series, our special range for travel shaving is particularly functional and lightweight. The unscrewable brushes are perfectly protected while travelling in their elegant casings made of anodised aluminium or chrome-plated metal.

    The bristle load used is Silvertip Fibre®, which dries very quickly and is highly durable. To accommodate a complete travel kit including brush and razor in style and safety we offer fine leather cases handcrafted in Florentine style, finished in black or brown. Silvertip Fibre - high-quality synthetic fibres, a world first: a premium quality developed in-house analogously to natural silvertip badger.

    Silvertip Fibres are tangibly soft, extremely long-lasting and somewhat less sensitive in everyday use as water drips of them and they dry faster than natural hair. The completely vegan fibres are more economically to use, create a particularly creamy lather from shaving soaps and creams but require only half of the amount of medium compared to natural brushes.

    Their solid fibres make them more hygienic and easier to clean. Chrome is a silvery-white metal that is processed galvanically. Handles made of brass are first nickel-plated and then refined stylishly with chrome.

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  3. Traditional gel

    Traditional gel

    Regular Price: €7.00

    Special Price €5.95

    Low foaming daily use Shave Gel allows you to achieve ultimate definition and a friction-free shave. Aloe Vera and Seaweed extracts help combat dry skin and leave it feeling moisturised. Learn More
  4. Traditional Cream

    Traditional Cream

    Regular Price: €7.00

    Special Price €5.95

    Double concentrated Shave Cream provides a rich creamy lather that cushions and lifts bristles away from the skin, for ultimate friction-free shaving, leaving skin feeling supple and conditioned. Organic Cocoa Butter and Willow Bark moisturise and smooth the skin helping reduce razor drag. Learn More
  5. Starter box - El Fidel Néo

    Starter box - El Fidel Néo


    The starter box El Fidel Neo contains :

    A razor handle El Fidel Neo
    1 box of 4 blades El Fidel Neo
    A Raz*War travel bag

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  6. Soothing balm

    Soothing balm

    Regular Price: €7.00

    Special Price €5.95

    Daily Post Shave Soothing Balm immediately calms shaving irritation. Mild, non-oily formula with added Aloe Vera extract soothes and conditions, providing hydration that lasts all day. Learn More
  7. Silvertip Fiber Synthetic Brush

    Silvertip Fiber Synthetic Brush


    Why a shaving brush ?

    You should ban canned foams and gels, they desiccate the skin! Propellants are petrol derivatives…A shaving brush will allow you to produce high quality lather (from a shaving soap or a shaving cream) and will allow to extend it on the skin. The quality of the shaving brush differs widely amongst them…

    Why THIS shaving brush?

    This Raz*War shaving brush is made for the happy one who enters into the wet shaving arena as for the shaving expert who like to shave with something else. It might be, however, more appealing to the expert. It was created with synthetic fibers instead of animal or vegetal: Silvertip Fibers. They are extremely long lasting, premium quality, handcrafted made in excellent material, equivalent to the precious natural material Silvertip Badger (Hence, the highest quality of badger hair). This brush is sold with a nice packaging, and is particularly appropriate as a valuable gift (see also our special boxes).

    Three advantages of this brush:

    • Synthetic hair avoid microbial development often found in real hair brushes (especially in badger brushes)
    • Also, real hair brushes are subject to (soft) degradation, producing sub-particles that are also allergenic
    • This brush will particularly appreciated by a wet shaver wanting something “extra”. Hence, it could be considered as valuable gift.

    In terms of quality, you should know that Silvertip Fibers have a quality similar to “Silvertip Badger” quality (the top quality in badger hair).

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  8. Shaving Soaps Package

    Shaving Soaps Package

    Regular Price: €35.00

    Special Price €28.00

    Package that includes the shaving soaps Ginger Belle, Spice Age & Atomic Kim ! Learn More
  9. Shaving Soap Atomic Kim

    Shaving Soap Atomic Kim

    Regular Price: €12.95

    Special Price €11.00

    This fall, Raz*War launches a new soap : ATOMIC KIM. With basilicum and spearmint scents, this new shaving soap will bring a bit of freshness in this dark period of winter coming ahead ! Learn More
  10. Shaving Soap "Ginger Belle"

    Shaving Soap "Ginger Belle"

    Regular Price: €12.95

    Special Price €11.00

    Our new soap “Ginger Belle” is artisanal and specially developed by Raz*War for the holiday season. His Scents (namely cedarwood and ginger), his texture will surprise you… But also his exceptional quality of shaving. 


    Sodium cocoate, sodium cocoa butterate, aqua, sodium olivate, aroma, ricinus communis oil, eugenol, limonene.
    Certified organic. 100% essential oils. Natural constituent of essential oils

    Product size:
    150 gr

    Please note: best use within 12 months after opening

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