The Raz*War Manifesto: about what we believe in

Think the value scale differently

We believe in performance at the correct price. Here at Raz*War, no need to change your model every year causing your current razor to become obsolete. There is no need to spend millions of USD to make you believe that with the new razor blade you will be better shaved - backed-up by laboratory tests and instrumental measures. Every single product of ours is efficient and meets a very high standard of satisfaction and shaving results - at a fair price.


Experience the products differently

We believe that each life experience needs to be a PLEASURE. Taking care of oneself must be a Luxury put at hand to the majority of us. We wish that the time dedicated daily to oneself may be a privileged moment awaking several of our senses (touch, smell...). The shaving products proposed by Raz*War have been conceived with this objective, whether we are talking about innovative textures (shaving oil, scented or not) or more authentic gestures (brush + bowl + soap) - the shaving experience must evoke true pleasure.


Address the consumer differently

We believe that the consumer is an actor of change. We wish to enter in direct contact with him/her in order that the exchange may enrich our respective existence. The method of distribution, the direct and easy access to the product, the taken-in-charge on behalf of our automatic system of blades makes Raz*War a modern partner at a fair price.

We like by nature those who think differently, those who live differently since they are the actors who are forming the world of tomorrow. We oppose the single thought of do-gooders who want us to believe in a world reflected in their place.