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The Raz*War Revolution has just started

Since the 30th June 2009, a new player has appeared in the area of male grooming.
It is called Raz*War and it is based on a simple idea:

Quality Shaving. Fair Prices.


The Genesis:

The Raz*War’s idea was born in the mind of Pierre De Nayer. (An internet aficionado and entrepreneur with lots of crazy ideas!) who was feeling like he was being robbed every time he bought razor blades at the supermarket.

The price of those blades was always heading in the same direction: UP!

Since he believes everyone who shaves should be able to do so at an affordable price and with the high level of quality the face skin deserves, he decided to turn his idea into a business. Selling razors and razor blades with a price going in the other direction: DOWN!


The Transformation:

Growth Bridge – the company behind the brand – enhanced Pierre’s idea with an extra layer and some secret spices (the brand universe) that enables Raz*War to deliver on its promise:

“We will revolutionise the way men – and soon women – buy their shaving products; it will be delivered to the door through a website offering subscription plans. (Starting at 27,50 EUROS per year – delivered to all 27 EU countries.)”

Growth Bridge is the result of an association between Pierre De Nayer, David Hachez (branding, new media & social media expertise) and Philippe Legrain (e-commerce and IT expertise). It has provided the grounds of this new brand experience. Springwise.com has already captured that aspect into one simple visual headline in its July Newsletter.


The Specifics of Raz*War:

The Raz*War product line (most updated list is here) as of today is made of:

  • Razors and razor blades
  • Shaving subscriptions
  • Shaving products
  • Shaving accessories


The sales channel is made of the e-shop that can be found at www.razwar.com and a few selected outlets in Europe. The technology of the e-commerce platform is Shopify. (A popular e-commerce “software as a service” platform.)


The payment options on the website are through bank transfer or through PayPal (credit card and PayPal accounts).


Raz*War only ships to Europes 27 countries.


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