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  1. Starter box - El Fidel Néo

    Starter box - El Fidel Néo


    Out of stock

    The starter box El Fidel Neo contains :

    A razor handle El Fidel Neo
    1 box of 4 blades El Fidel Neo
    A Raz*War travel bag

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  2. Limited Edition Shaving Soap: "Spice Age"

    Limited Edition Shaving Soap: "Spice Age"


    This shaving soap designed by Raz*War is the first Artisanal soap. Composed with lime, grapefruit, orange juice and black pepper, this soap provide you a feeling of freshness and softness. Moreover, with the Spice Age your blades will be gliding on your face for a perfect shaving.

    •  Soak the brush in hot water
    •  Swirl the shaving brush around in the soap until you get a nice lather
    •  Move the shaving brush in an up-and-down pattern.
    •  Keep your skin wet and lubricated while shaving with warm water
    •  Re-lather with the shaving brush as needed
    •  Rinse your razor often
    •  After shaving, splash on some cold water to close up your pores

    Sodium cocoate, sodium cocoa butterate, aqua, sodium olivate, sodium sunflowerate, aroma, ricinus communis oil, urtica dioica leaf extract, limonene, citral.
    Certified organic. 100% essential oils

    Product size:
    150 gr

    Please note: best use within 12 months after opening

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  3. Shaving Soap "Ginger Belle"

    Shaving Soap "Ginger Belle"


    Our new soap “Ginger Belle” is artisanal and specially developed by Raz*War for the holiday season. His Scents (namely cedarwood and ginger), his texture will surprise you… But also his exceptional quality of shaving. 


    Sodium cocoate, sodium cocoa butterate, aqua, sodium olivate, aroma, ricinus communis oil, eugenol, limonene.
    Certified organic. 100% essential oils. Natural constituent of essential oils

    Product size:
    150 gr

    Please note: best use within 12 months after opening

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  4. El Fidel Néo - Subscription 1 year

    El Fidel Néo - Subscription 1 year


    The El Fidel Neo blades will ensure you the perfect shave in complete security.

    What we love about this razor?

    1. Very effective razor
    2. Design
    3. Maximum shave closeness
    4. Very comfortable shave

    What does the subscription include:

    We send you quarterly 2 (Small plan), 3 (Medium plan) or 4 (Large plan) blade boxes with four cartridges each - no shipping costs or hidden fees.

    In the first shipment you will also receive a free Fidel Neo handle.

    Here is what people say about this razor:

    "Bought a great starter-pack. Just tried it out, loved it...the oil, the blades, the  aftershave balm...great concept...gonna tell everyone about your great  productline...Viva El Fidel...Raz*War!" Robin, Brussels

    Love love LOVE Razwar. My El Fidel is savings of money I could have ever asked for and MAN does  it give an amazing shave!! Thank you RazWar!!!! Dylan

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  5. Shaving Soaps Package

    Shaving Soaps Package

    Package that includes the shaving soaps Ginger Belle, Spice Age & Atomic Kim ! Learn More
  6. Barber gift set

    Barber gift set

    The perfect gift for true gents who enjoy a classic shave. Complete with retro style enamel mug, professional synthetic bristle shaving brush and our traditional rich lather shave cream, this set gives you a closer, smoother barber shop shave experience in the comfort of your own bathroom. Learn More
  7. Traditional Cream

    Traditional Cream

    Double concentrated Shave Cream provides a rich creamy lather that cushions and lifts bristles away from the skin, for ultimate friction-free shaving, leaving skin feeling supple and conditioned. Organic Cocoa Butter and Willow Bark moisturise and smooth the skin helping reduce razor drag. Learn More
  8. Traditional gel

    Traditional gel

    Low foaming daily use Shave Gel allows you to achieve ultimate definition and a friction-free shave. Aloe Vera and Seaweed extracts help combat dry skin and leave it feeling moisturised. Learn More
  9. Save and shave

    Save and shave

    Three 50ml travel sized skincare and shaving products to keep skin smooth and conditioned, in a handy money tin so every gentleman can save whilst he shaves! Learn More
  10. Week-end gift set

    Week-end gift set

    Handy trio of skincare and shaving essentials for smooth skin wherever you are. Perfect for travel, as easy as 1-2-3! Learn More