Why should you choose Raz * War subscriptions?


Prefer the original

Raz * War is the undisputed inventor of shaving subscriptions on the internet. Since 2009 we have served thousands of clients around the world. Often imitated by other box services offering shaving products, RAZWAR remains, by the association with high quality products, the best quality / price ratio of the market.

Select the model and the frequency of change that suits you

2, 3 or 5 blades, we have the razor that suits you best. A two-blade model provides impeccable shaving quality but is more difficult to handle. The 3-blade model guarantees a quality shave without worries at a measured price. The 5-blade model offers the best after-shave sensation.

Depending on the strength of your beard, choose to receive one to four boxes of blades per quarter. You can always change the frequency of your subscription or even interrupt it.

Benefit from free shipping on your order

Thanks to the small size of our packages, we can send you your blades directly to your mailbox at no additional cost. 

Receive a free handle with your first order

Whichever formula you choose, you receive a free round with your first order (except EL CID)