Limited Edition Shaving Soap: "Spice Age"

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Limited Edition Shaving Soap: "Spice Age"



This shaving soap designed by Raz*War is the first Artisanal soap. Composed with lime, grapefruit, orange juice and black pepper, this soap provide you a feeling of freshness and softness. Moreover, with the Spice Age your blades will be gliding on your face for a perfect shaving.

•  Soak the brush in hot water
•  Swirl the shaving brush around in the soap until you get a nice lather
•  Move the shaving brush in an up-and-down pattern.
•  Keep your skin wet and lubricated while shaving with warm water
•  Re-lather with the shaving brush as needed
•  Rinse your razor often
•  After shaving, splash on some cold water to close up your pores

Sodium cocoate, sodium cocoa butterate, aqua, sodium olivate, sodium sunflowerate, aroma, ricinus communis oil, urtica dioica leaf extract, limonene, citral.
Certified organic. 100% essential oils

Product size:
150 gr

Please note: best use within 12 months after opening

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