El Cid - Subscription 1 year

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El Cid - Subscription 1 year



In each dispenser you have 10 DE blades. Each blade should last you about 4-6 shaves depending how much hair you shave each time.

Note for the beginners: it is highly recommended NOT to use the DE for the scalp. There is a high risk of cuts since not easy to maintain DE blade at its optimal angle being 30 degrees. To use with precaution. Keep out of view from children.

What we love about this razor?

  1. Very effective razor

  2. Design "Vintage-Modern"

  3. Maximum shave closeness

  4. Very comfortable shave

What does the subscription include:

We send you quarterly 2 (Small plan), 3 (Medium plan) or 4 (Large plan) blade boxes with 10 cartridges each - no shipping costs or hidden fees.

In the first shipment you can chose to add a el cid handle with free delivery

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